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 Saint Research Underground Story ....

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What story of RAN ONLINE that u want to know ?
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B.History Of the schools
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C.About the beginning of Ran Online
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D.About mobs and bosses
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PostSubject: Saint Research Underground Story ....   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:39 am

Lucian's Wild Ambition
~> In order to find out the absolute starting point in the word of RAN Online, Liese, Mia and Carl Sheldon arrived at the Sacred Financial Group research center. In the research center, they found massive of date related to human and animal research scatter around the research center and at the same time they also find out about Dr. Choi xxx-kyu wild ambitions to conquer the world. Besides all the finding they have discovered a pathway through the basements of the research center that leads to another world that beyond they imaginary.

Question:Who is Liese Mia and Carl Sheldon?
Liese - She is the one of the tactical Unit member which sent
by Dalamiya to this world. She was the Dalamiya's
people but help Lucian, because she has been
deceive by Lucian lies.

Mia - She become the Dalamiya's high level priest when
the basement of Research Institute was in chaos
state. She accidentally discovered the evil plot of
Lucian, and waiting for the opportunity to tell Liese,
Lucian evil plot.

Carl Sheldon - One of the tactical Unit member which sent by
Dalamiya to this world. He was separated with his
partners at the secret passage in the campus

Now knowing that the another world is in chaos, the Dalamiya people tried to contained the situation. Unfortunately the pathway from the basements of the research center that lead to the another world was dominated with massive outbreak of experimental animals and human cyborgs, even the Dalamiya people which posses the extraordinary ability was unable to defeat those experimental animals and human cyborg.
In the underground R & D room( No.4 R & D room) of the main campus building, they found another secret passage that lead to the absolute starting point of this world. They are many monsters blocking the secret passage, and these monsters have more strength than the experimental mutation dead bodies. Carl Sheldon stayed on the secret passage to fight off the monsters. At the mean time Liese and Mia move forwards towards the secret passage where leading to the absolute starting point of this world.
Liese and Mia enter into the institute "Sacred De Gate's Research Center" where the Sacred Financial Group's hidden all they secrets. In the Sacred De Gate's Research Center has an Institute for Animals, Plants and Engineering. Mia met Lucian at the Engineering Institute's hall and knowing about the story of a teenager who possesses the magic stone. Mia decided to stationed at the gate which leading to another world, waiting for the arrival of the one who possess the magic stone.
On the other hand, Lucian are more concerned with the absolute starting point of this world and the magic than those who want to enter to the another world. Lucian mind was clouded with greed of power and he want to be the become more powerful than the one who possesses the magic stone, he become more ambition, wildness and hunger for power.
Lucian has successfully deceive Liese's power to help finding the absolute starting point of this world and eliminate those who oppose him, Liese's release Lucian evil plan and confronted Lucian at the gate entering to the another world.

At the mean time Mia the one who help to monitor the surrounding, are the only hope that Liese's have in order for her to defeat Lucian. But unfortunately there is no way to contact Mia. Will the balance of the absolute starting point of this world be maintained...

Hint:There's a person who didn't get infected by the virus she's name is Sonya ....

Sonya - My name is Sonya, the only person who didn’t get any influence from the accident. However, Saint Foundation has faked my death and brought my body to the Saint Research Complex to do a research about my immunity. I was fooled by them and agree to do a simple examination. But not too long after that I found that they have faked my death and manipulate my identity. I was so shocked and angry when I know their real reason to do a research on me. I tried to run away but my body wasn’t mine anymore. They did severe experiments to me every day and crack my mind until the influence of the accident take the control of my body….

Sonya, beautiful monster who’s born from Saint Foundation’s prohibited research. She may wait someone to help her get out from her current form as a monster. Please help her!
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PostSubject: Re: Saint Research Underground Story ....   Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:30 pm

Nice Story About Saint Research Underground

Thanks For This Wonderful Story, Hope you can post more story soon.

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Saint Research Underground Story ....
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