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 In-Game Rules

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PostSubject: In-Game Rules   Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:22 pm

The General Rule applies to everyone and excuses nobody nor anything with the exception of the Staff particularly, the Admin.

General rules:
Using someone else's name with the sole intention to impersonate them will not be tolerated. This includes the names of the GM Team, the use of "GM" in a character name and guild names.
Please do not request events. The GM team are here on a purely voluntary basis, and may not have the time to do so.

Account rules:
Trading accounts/items for real money or items on another game is strictly prohibited. Any person found engaging in such activities will be permanently banned without appeal.
Account sharing is entirely at the account owner's risk. If your account is compromised in any way as a result of account sharing, the GM Team reserve the right to refuse support.
If a player's account is compromised due to other methods, such as keylogging (typically a program claiming to offer administrative access, or free items) or forged e-mail claiming to be the GM Team, the GM Team will recover the account, and permanently ban the person(s) responsible. However, the GM Team is not responsible for any items or zeny that are lost, nor will any reimbursement occur.

Harassing behaviour targeted towards an individual or group of people will not be tolerated.
Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to:
- Sexual harassment
- Derogatory comments or remarks (sometimes referred to as "trash-talking")
- Spreading rumours that may not necessarily be true.
- If you find yourself being harassed, politely ask them to stop before requesting assistance from the GM Team. If none of the GM Team are online (via the chatbox or in-game), please take screenshots as evidence, and file a report on the forums.

Misleading someone while trading is generally classed as scamming, and is not tolerated in any way. Common methods include:

Botting & Macros:
Bots and Macros are programs or scripts that automate the process of playing the game. Such programs/scripts are strictly forbidden on SiegeNet, and anyone found using them will be permanently banned without appeal.

Proper Etiquette and Manners:
- Be polite to other people specially Admin and Staff. If you respect others, others will respect you.

- NO STAFF ABUSE, You are not allowed to ever harass, abuse, attack, or curse at any staff members. If they ever find it offensive, this may be severely punished.

- No Advertising, Do not use these forums to advertise any products or services, specifically any services that would be in direct competition or draw users away from this Community.

PUNISHMENT: May result to a period of time being banned, permanently banned depending on the gravity of the case.

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PostSubject: LOCKED   Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:51 pm


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In-Game Rules
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